We are Emily and Jonny, a fairly normal engaged couple currently living just outside of London. Our plan is to fill this site with reviews and articles on all sorts of things – whatever we think is interesting and worth writing about.

The idea behind SlugLife comes from me, Emily, spending a lot of time right now sat on the sofa in my pjs under a blanket. I’m currently changing careers and so while I am sending off applications endlessly, I’m also getting in a lot of TV and movie viewings. I’m also a book person, it is my first love, but my book reviews all go on my other blog: emilysliterarymusings.com.

Jonny is a lot busier than I am, but also a bit more varied on what he’ll watch. He likes a documentary and a lot more action than I do. He’s also very big on technology. I’m constantly having to tell him that we don’t need all these new gadgets advertised on TV as we already own something that is much cheaper and does exactly the same thing!

Anyway, that’s us and that’s the plan. Stick with us while we set up our site and start adding some content.